Thursday, December 8, 2011

Richard Patterson - The Virtual Nose Comes to Town

Richard Patterson with The Dalmore Trintas 64yo single malt Scotch whisky
Richard 'The Nose' Patterson is a coming to town. Well sort of. The newly revamped Bellevue Hotel in Paddington have been holding a series of whisky tasting events and launches recently including the launch of the new - to Australian shores at least - Johnnie Walker Double Black. But next week, however, they're pulling out all the stops.

For one night only, The Bellevue will be hosting a Scotch whisky master class with Mr Patterson via a live telecast from Scotland. Patterson is the master blender and master distiller for Whyte & Mackay and the Dalmore. He's also behind Spencerfield Spirits’ tasty blends - Sheep Dip and Pigs Nose (get into the Sheep Dip 'Old Hebridean' - it's a master stroke).

Patterson, I can tell you now is a singular character in the malt whisky world. I've been stuck in a room with him before at the old Star City for an interview for Bartender magazine just weeks after I'd started the gig. I was just hoping for a quick quote for a news item, and two hours later I'd run out of tape and batteries for my dictaphone. I didn't have the heart to tell the man I was no longer recording - but hey we were drinking malt, I was having a grand old time and the gentleman left a lasting impression. I'll drink any whisky he's behind any day of the week.
At any rate the evening is going to be a real doosey. It kicks off at 6:45pm on Monday 12th and for just $60 you'll get a cocktail on arrival, a whisky tasting plate (including Dan Wolley's renowned whisky jam), as well as samples of the Dalmore Highland single malt Scotch whisky range including the 12 year, 15 year, 18 year and the rare and highly prized King Alexander III.

If I were you I'd email my interest to right now. Seats are strictly limited. 

Visit for more info on upcoming events at their superbly appointed Whiksy Room

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