Thursday, November 24, 2011

Booze Braggart is a Booze Hound

Your common booze hound - image poached from
I know. There hasn't has been a single post by Booze Braggart for nearly a month. Well I've been busy alright! But I've moved into my new digs in Glebe and BB now has a fancy new office. What I wasn't bargaining for was the four weeks it would take me to set-up an internet connection thanks to the evil empire that is Telstra. Hmm I feel a cocktail needs to be spawned for this...

But enough of that. I haven't been idle over the past few weeks. Booze Braggart is now SMH Executive Style's Booze Hound. 

Here's a few links to my recent fortnightly posts:

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Check 'em out.


Booze Braggart/Hound

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