Friday, September 23, 2011

BarShow Week that Was

Yep you haven't seen me post for while. The reason being - Sydney BarShow Week was epic. A epic week of networking events, parties, boozey catch-ups, bartending comps and oh yeah - a trade show.

'ere we all are: Ben Shipley, Tim Philips, Booze Braggart, Sven Almenning  and Matt Mason
Ironically I even hosted a smashing talk at the show on 'Bloggers, Bars and Brands'. My panel included Mr Ben Shipley from Everyday Drinking, Tim Philips from Drinktheshitoutofit, Sven Almenning from Eau De Vie and Matt Mason from Social Tap. It was one of those talks that despite itself and its rag-tag panel actually turned out a treat. It was informative and inspiring both. And with the stack of interesting booze I have building up expect to hear a little more from me over the coming weeks.

A couple of quick highlights from the week:

Well there was this guy:
David Wondrich - a gentleman and actually a scholar  

And then there's this guy who just keeps coming back:

Philip Duff - photo courtesy of 1995
 And what about this guy:
Tim Philips - not just a little funny guy but a bartending genius

My liver is bouncing back in bounds so I'll see you on either side of the bar soon.

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