Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I'm Now a TOY

So just over a week ago I officially became a TOY. Before you get too carried away it means that I am now part of this motley crew that forms the [TOYS] collective (it stands for 'Taste of Young Sydney'). My induction event was Issue #7: Old Dogs, New Tricks held on my home ground - PorteƱo and Gardel's Bar - and boy howdy was this event a doosey.

Seven courses developed by gun chefs and their mentors were paired with wine and cocktails for a one night only feasting event. The menu was insanely good and how it came and worked together to form a cohesive and inspired meal - masterly. Rather than wax lyrical about each course I've dropped in the menu so you know what you missed out on:

What I would like to share with you though is this little creation that I contributed to the evening entitled: 'Till the Bitter End.

Looks like a double esspresso huh? 
I'm a huge fan of bitters as this post from Mr Ben Shipley attests. Serving this drink at the end of the meal - well it's obvious where my inspiration came from - the humble espresso. This digestive drink combining the lovely banana and clove notes of Goslings 'Black Seal' with the rich and complex flavours of Antica Forumla vermouth, Pedro Ximenez Sherry, Fernet Branca (of course) and bespoke liquorice bitters - was dark, brooding and delicious. It already had the look of a black coffee before I was inspired to heat the mix and crown it with a cool coffee sabayon to complete the look. 

Should you be so inclined here's how:

'Till the Bitter End  

30ml Golsings 'Black Seal' Bermudian rum
30ml Antica Forumla vermouth
10ml Gonzalez Byass 'Nectar' Pedro Ximenez
2.5ml Fernet Branca
1.5ml Bespoke liquorice bitters (highproof spirit, gentian, wormwood, liquorice root and citrus peel)

Bring the ingredients above to the boil (to lose a touch of that alcoholic kick). Allow to cool to about 65° C . Pour into a heated demitasse cup and float a little coffee sabayon* on top.

* The coffee sabayon nice and easy once you know how (thanks for the recipe Elvis). Soak 2 gelatine leaves in iced water.  In a double boiler combine 200g egg yolk with 100g sugar and 200ml of fresh espresso (whisk as you pour in the coffee if it's hot so as not to cook the yolks). Cook on a low heat, whisking constantly, for about 5 minutes. Stir in the gelatine and continue cooking until the mixture thickens to a pouring custard consistency. Allow to cool to room temperature, pour into cream canister and charge for easy dispense.

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