Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Remedy to Social Malady

Alas, this post has been once again scooped by the dastardly Mr Shipley - always one step ahead of the game. So if you don't already read Everyday Drinking you should. But those of you still loyal to the Booze Braggart cause I salute you, your good taste and your sporting nature - indeed the last time Mr Shipley and I publicly met he did not allow me such quarter. Indeed, the cad bit his thumb at me!

It's is after this experience that I was made aware of remedy to such social maladies. Hendrick's, an unusual and eccentric gin, are offering a Refined Courtship Clinic this week. This clinic aims to sharpen etiquette and deportment in all its guises to ladies and gentleman looking to court a significant other. For those already spoken for there is hope for you too as the surgery is open to all offering further tips on the lost art of chivalry and general advice on appearance for ladies.

Well now that you know the what and why, here's the where and when of it.

WHERE:  387 Oxford Street, Paddington, Sydney 2021.

It seems only fitting that Hendrick’s Refined Courtship Clinic is located in an area that was once full of the baseless morals of the working class - an area that was rife with prostitution, razor gangs, and other nefarious hoodlums. The area, whilst to some might be significantly gentrified, could still do with a good serving of class!   

WHEN: Public opening on the following dates –

Thursday, 23rd of June (2pm-8pm); Friday, 24th June (2pm-8pm); Saturday 23rd of June (12pm-8pm)


Find Hendrick's Gin on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/thecucumberandrosesociety

For further information go to: www.hendricksgin.com

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