Friday, February 18, 2011

Blood Orange Sgroppino

The delicious but unpronounceable Blood Orange Sgroppino
This is a fabulously easy wee beverage that I put together for a private gig I did over the weekend. It's darned simple really - sorbet, a splash of liquor and prosecco - it's an Italian favourite if highly unpronounceable and a nightmare to spell (I'm a little dyslexic at the best of times).  I used this as a welcoming drink for guests and it went down a treat.

The real secret to this drink is not in the bartenders skill but in the quality for the sorbet you use. I came across the blood orange sorbet one hot evening whilst doing a cameo shift at Low 302 (thanks Sal for the inspiration). It comes from Darlinghurst's Gelato Messina - in my mind the best gelato in town. I'm also a real sucker for Aperol and Campari at present so these were always going to be married together.

Last year I was invited along to a tidy little event organise by One Green Bean for Martini. They'd released a new Rosato vermouth and a whole range of Italian sparkling wines for the Australian market. They took us to Gelato Messina as part of a wee Italian moving feast of Victoria street so it was only logical that I revisit it here. The Martini prosecco is a real winner to boot and comes at great price point - it's perfect for this beverage as you don't need to spend a bomb on bubbles and a goodly amount of sorbet will set you back a few. 

Away enough chatter here's the spec:

Blood Orange Sgroppino (makes 2)

30ml Aperol
2 scoops tart and tasty blood orange sorbet from Gelato Messina 
250ml Martini Proseco

Add all into a large steel bowl or jug. Whisk thoroughly until homogeneous.  Enjoy with your lady friend and repeat several times until merry.

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