Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Just when you thought you'd seen the last of me...

A couple of months ago I handed in my resignation for the editor's role at Bartender magazine. It was time to shake things up a little. Make some positive changes. Well, I haven't quite left my job just yet, in fact, I'm not planing to leave it entirely at all - rather I'll be sticking around under the rather fancy title of 'drinks editor' in a new part-time role. But change - it is a coming.

I'm packing up my moleskin, my dozen or so pens that are all branded by drinks companies, and my newly acquired iPad to delve into the world of freelance drinks writing. 'Freelance' - I have quickly found - is a term that raises eyebrows followed promptly by a "oh that sounds interesting".

I'm serious though people. I'm no flake. I'll be giving it a crack and this blog is really a kind of work book for where I'm at with this going solo kinda thang. You can expect updates on new developments with my infant company Full Proof Media - a working title - and links to any stories of mine that survive the editorial axe.

It won't just be about me - as much as I relish blowing my own trumpet - but expect updates of the boozy kind from old favourite tipples to newly uncovered potions. Expect a bit of travel thrown into the mix and live vicariously through this blog with a splash of event reporting to boot.

Check back in soon as, like so many things in this life, this humble offering is sure to improve with age.


Simon - The Booze Braggart

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  1. Hi Simon, well I wil be keeping an eye across your Blog, being a fellow Blogger myself. Look after your self and good luck with your new adventure in life. Loe Aunty Janet PS Paul & I are in Alice Springs, off up to the Top End on Monday. xxx